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  • Different types of security system devices to use in homes

    images (1)There is a growing number of devices that can be used in homes and businesses to boost the security. Each one of them have their own pros and cons. Before deciding which one of them could be fit for installation, it is important to consult first. This will enable you to figure out which one is the best for your home. It will also enable you to avoid wasting a lot of money on systems that may not work for your home. Below are some of the best smart gear home security and alarm systems to install in your home:

    Nest cam

    This is a camera which was recently unveiled by google. This gadget offers the owner the privilege of tuning into a live feed from wherever they are. It can be mounted anywhere or can just be left standing on a table or desk. It has the ability to tell between a swaying tree and an intruder who is just about to break into your home.


    This is an incredible comprehensive solution to home security. It combines a number of features such as motion sensors, cameras and contact sensors. This system has the ability to tell whenever certain members of the family are at home. It can thus be able to tell of an intrusion.


    This is a device that more than a mere camera. It has the capacity to detect unusual activities in your home and send you a live feed. It will then give you the option of sounding the alarm and calling the police.